Take Action: Get a Yard Sign

girl holding RG4N yard sign

Yard signs are available for pickup at the following locations:

If a location is out, please check back. Weekends are usually the best time for sign availability.

Or, you can download our graphic and print your own.

Vigilante Alert

Warning! Vigilantes have been removing yard signs from people's front yards that are in the right of way.

To be safe, locate the first expansion joint in your driveway, and place your sign that far back from the street. That way you can be pretty sure the sign is outside the easement—on your property and not in the right-of-way.

The City of Austin has information on sign restrictions.

There also have been reports of sign vandalism. We recommend storing your sign in a safe place at night.

Recycle Yard Sign Stakes

To save money and our planet, RG4N is recycling wooden yard sign stakes. If your old sign was damaged, please return the stake to Zinger Hardware. (You don't need to remove the nails.) We'll collect the stakes and use them to build new yard signs.

Request Sign Delivery

If you are unable to pick up a sign, you can request one be delivered to you. Use the form below.

Sign delivery may take up to two weeks.

I am unable to pick up a yard sign and need mine delivered by a volunteer.
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Street Address: (required)
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Neighborhood: (optional)
Phone Number: (required)
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