Take Action: Volunteer

RG4N needs your help.

If you share our concern and you want to help, take a look at the positions listed below. If you find one that matches your skills and interests, please consider volunteering for that position.

House Party Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to host parties, find and call others to host parties, assist host with planning details, and attend parties to mingle with guests and talk about the issues and concerns.

Volunteer for this position.

Business Outreach Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to visit and call our local businesses, and request and confirm various levels of support ranging from displaying a donation jar to participating in the Discount Card program.

Volunteer for this position.

Movie Campaign Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to identify suitable locations to host a movie screening, coordinate with the business to plan the screening, and coodinate with other volunteers to staff and support the screening.

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Committee: Fundraising

Help identify potential donors and raise funds for RG4N.

Skills Required: Experience connecting with potential high-end donors. Experience speaking to businesses and organizations for financial support.

Volunteer for this position.

General Volunteer

General volunteers will help out with various projects and events on an as-needed basis. If you don't have time to make a big commitment but still want to volunteer, this is a great way to do it. You will be put on the general volunteer list and will be contacted via email when we need volunteers for an event or project. You will not be expected to volunteer for every event; the idea is to have more volunteers than we need for one project/event so we can get enough available people for the task at hand.

Skills Required: No special skills required. Various tasks may include: staffing tables at an event, flyer distribution, making phone calls, helping with surveys, adding events to community calendars, and other event work.

Volunteer for this position.

Web Developer

Committee: I.T.

Develop web backend scripts and facilities. Some of these will run standalone, others will be integrated into our Drupal (drupal.org) web site. We also need occasional system support for our Linux web and mail server. Multiple people are needed; exact chores will vary with our needs and your interests.

Skills Required: Some combination of excellent HTML, CSS, Javascript, php, MySQL skills. Knowledge of Drupal CMS helpful.

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Neighborhood Association Liaison Committee Member

Committee: Neighborhood Association Liaison

Members of this committee will research, communicate with, and seek support for our cause from Neighborhood Associations in the Northcross area and other areas of Austin.

Skills Required: No special skills required but these skills may come in handy: research, communication and writing skills.

Volunteer for this position.


Committee: Communications

Work with the Communications Chairman and Steering Committee. Post information regularly on the RG4N Blog. Monitor comments for abusive messages.

Skills Required: Blogging experience.

Volunteer for this position.

Civil Engineer

Committee: Technical Experts

Participate in reviews of development and site plans.

Skills Required: Experience in runoff/drainage issues and water/wastewater utilities. P.E. certification.

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Advisory Tax Attorney/Accountant

Committee: Treasurer

Tax attorney or accountant to advise RG4N on issues concerning fundraising, product sales and tax preparation for a non-profit organization. An estimated 15-30 minutes per week of telephone contact would be required.

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Communications Writers

Committee: Communications

Writers are urgently needed to form a virtual PR agency within RG4N. Our group seeks experts at writing concisely and creatively to persuade and educate our targets, to call for donations, or to hook the press. Help get the word out with Website Content, Press Materials, Flyers/Ad Copy, Letters, and Blogging.

Volunteer for this position.

Account Coordinator/Project Manager

Committee: Communications

Project managers are urgently needed to form a virtual PR agency within RG4N. Our group seeks people who can manage communications projects such as Website Content, Press Materials, Flyers/Ad Copy, Letters, and Blogging.

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