What RG4N is doing

Posted Tue, 02/19/2008 - 11:15pm


Now that the lawsuit has been decided, some are wondering what RG4N is doing. Here's what we're working on and why we still need your support, participation and donations.

1. Keeping up the public pressure.

We are still opposed to the Wal-Mart Supercenter and the entire neighborhood-unfriendly development at Northcross Mall. We will continue to fight the battle and express the voices of the community until the City and the developers act responsibly.

2. Keeping the public informed.

We continue to educate the public about the potential negative impact of the Northcross development as it is currently plannned, and we are working with other organizations to push for a better development.

3. Monitoring Northcross.

We are monitoring the development to make sure that Lincoln Properties does not violate local ordinances and extend beyond what the permits allow -- as Wal-Mart stores are notoriously known to do.

4. Holding elected officials accountable.

We intend to bring the Northcross development and other neighborhood development issues into the forefront of the City Council elections. We are working with other local Austin organizations in this effort. We will also hold a candidate forum in April.

5. Pushing for Ordinances.

We will be pushing for ordinances that will help mitigate the impact if the Wal-Mart Supercenter does get built, and protect all Austin neighborhoods from un-friendly, dumb-growth developments in the future.

6. Considering Our Next Legal Move.

Beyond considering our next legal move, we are working very hard on all of the above. We need YOUR help.

Join us volunteers and help bring change to Northcross and Austin!

Send an email to volunteer [at] rg4n [dot] org to find out how you can help