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Great Meeting

Posted Thu, 07/19/2007 - 4:43pm

Thanks to our supporters who attended the RG4N Lawsuit Meeting last night. A quick recap was posted to the RG4N Blog. We'll have a full update here shortly.

Visit our new Learn More section to get answers about the latest developments at Northcross.

Please mark your calendar now to march with RG4N this Saturday morning—and every Saturday morning—at our protest from 11 AM to noon at the corner of Burnet Road and Anderson Lane.

We're Going to Court

Posted Thu, 06/28/2007 - 8:43pm

Today, RG4N filed a lawsuit in Travis County District Court against the City of Austin and Lincoln Property Company to invalidate the developer's site plan.

We can't say it better than our attorney, Brad Rockwell, did:

We have spent months trying to get our City to simply enforce the land use regulations against Lincoln Property and Wal-Mart. Our City could not be persuaded to follow the law. So now, we've filed suit in order to get a court to order our City and to order Lincoln Property to obey the law.

The site plan approved on Tuesday, June 26, is illegal. When successful, this suit will get it declared illegal and invalid, and prevent Lincoln Property Company and Wal-Mart from destroying Northcross and turning it into a mammoth big box store.

You can get more details in our full press statement and our lawsuit petition.

Breaking News: We're Going to Sue

Posted Thu, 06/28/2007 - 11:21am

Noontime today, we are going to hold a press conference to announce that today, RG4N is filing a lawsuit in Travis County District Court against our City and Lincoln Property Company to invalidate the developer's site plan.

We wanted you to know this news right away. We'll have more details for you later today.

City Council Can and Must Act Now

Posted Mon, 05/21/2007 - 6:44pm

Today, we sent a letter to City Council asking them to put the Northcross matter on their agenda and deny the site plan due to a traffic impact that will overburden streets and endanger public safety (through increased accidents, cut-through traffic on neighborhood streets, delaying emergency vehicle response times and increased air pollution from more idling vehicles).

In the letter, we talk about a legal memo that our attorney presented to city council last week that explains why the City Council can and must act.

We need to you to contact City Council and make the same request. We know they have the authority to act. The City will defend them if they are frivolously sued by Lincoln or Wal-Mart. At this point, if they fail to act it is simply their own choice. We need you to help encourage them to make the right choice.

Important: It is critical that we be respectful in all our communications with councilmembers and staff. Yes, we need action, but more than that we want their support. We encourage all our supporters to be firm but polite.

Wal-Mart Issues Threat, RG4N Responds

Posted Mon, 05/14/2007 - 12:52pm

Statement released today by Hope Morrison, President of RG4N:

On Friday, Wal-Mart sent the City a letter offering a small and final reduction in the size of its planned Northcross Supercenter.

We are here today because this latest demonstration of Wal-Mart’s continued refusal to seriously address neighborhood concerns was accompanied by a threat against Austin and its citizens.

What Residents Are Saying About Wal-Mart's Brochure

Posted Fri, 04/20/2007 - 6:41pm

Here are some comments we’ve received via email from Austinites about the deceptive brochures Wal-Mart is mailing to residents:

“The brochure you've sent around our neighborhoods is proof of Wal-Mart's deceptive practices and money-grubbing refusal to acknowledge our choices or the environment.”
Kim A.

“I promptly tore up and recycled the Wal-Mart pamphlet. I have boycotted WM for years and detest them.”
Susanna S.

“It was a standard, deceptive brochure, designed to persuade people by using false associations -- that is, it was despicable.”
Letitia B.

“I am SO disgusted by their attempt to manipulate and misrepresent the actual story. It's especially funny because they make it sound like they have proactively opened a dialogue with the community, as opposed to being forced to defend themselves because the community clearly doesn't want them there.”
Michelle C.

“My husband and I were looking through the brochure yesterday evening and were absolutely appalled by it's claims. The brochure actually says "Listening to our neighbors." By the fact that they are still putting a Wal-Mart at that location clearly shows that they are ignoring us. There is another Wal-Mart like 2 miles away from our neighborhoods. This is so ridiculous! I recently drove by the IKEA in Round Rock and I can hardly believe something almost as big as that is being built just down the street. I'm so glad RG4N has stayed strong in the effort to fight this development. I hope that we prevail!”
Kelly and Robert B.

“This is obviously designed to manipulate how the neighborhoods respond to Wal-Mart's moving into Northcross. Because both check-box response options are pro Wal-Mart, any return brochures, even those with negative responses about the supercenter in the comments/questions section, will be counted as proof of support for Wal-Mart. Keep up the good work, RG4N.”
Becky S.

Wal-Mart is mailing deceptive brochures to residents living in the vicinity of Northcross Mall

Posted Wed, 04/18/2007 - 12:35pm

Wal-Mart is mailing deceptive brochures to residents living in the vicinity of Northcross Mall, which ignore the significant community positions and concerns about the project. Having failed to gain the support of Responsible Growth for Northcross (RG4N) and area neighborhood associations, Wal-Mart is mailing the brochures to promote the proposed Wal-Mart at Northcross by including false claims that Wal-Mart has worked in partnership with neighbors to plan its Supercenter.

The brochure includes a return postcard, which only allows recipients to express support for Wal-Mart’s plans by providing a choice of only two positive feedback statements:

  • I want the new jobs, economic benefits and shopping convenience that the new Wal-Mart Supercenter will provide our community.
  • I would like the City of Austin to know that I support the new Wal-Mart Supercenter.

The direct mail piece also uses marketing methods to create a tranquil visual impact that is just as misleading as its wording, since all sides acknowledge that the Supercenter will cause overwhelming automotive traffic and draw thousands of visitors each hour. A PDF version of the brochure can be obtained at

What do you think of the brochure? Send us an email to: press [at] rg4n [dot] org

We call on citizens to join our Wal-Mart boycott

Posted Thu, 04/05/2007 - 11:17pm

We are marking the anniversary of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton’s death by calling on more Austinites to join its citywide Wal-Mart boycott.

Sign onto our boycott here:

In addition to numerous residents and business owners in the Northcross area, several organizations have already formally endorsed RG4N's boycott, including: Austin Full Circle, Austin Central Labor Council, Central Austin Democrats, North By Northwest Democrats, and South Austin Democrats.

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