Our Vision

At the Crossroads: A New Northcross Mall

Cities are living organisms. They have arteries and breathing spaces. Like living organisms, it's unusual for them to remain exactly the same over time. They change. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes not. Ideally, the changes are improvements, rather than decay, and healthy and life enhancing. RG4N supports the kind of growth that makes communities healthier, happier, and livelier. (And even a little weird.)

Northcross has a unique chance for that kind of growth. Its close proximity to neighborhoods and Shoal Creek gives it the potential to become the very heart of our community.

Northcross has the potential to become a wonderful Town Center, once common in cities and towns, where people can gather, shop, and live. A well-designed, mixed-use redevelopment would interweave a variety of commercial, residential, and public uses in an appealing people-friendly tapestry that enhances its surrounding community.

However, it could also become a cold, massive warehouse intentionally created to encourage consumers from near and far to get in their cars, come shop, and then leave.

We residents invest a great deal in our homes, families, and neighborhoods. We strongly desire an enhancement to our community, and are ready to cooperate with a developer willing to undertake our dream. Great things are possible at Northcross. It can be economically rewarding, and well worth the additional effort.

Together we can—and must—grow Northcross great.

Design Proposal Presented at our Jan 2007 Town Meeting

The design featured below is but one example of the type of redevelopment that we would like to see at Northcross Mall.

It is the beginning of a better vision that has tremendous potential to become a great reality.

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