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RG4N still needs financial support, because we need to settle our legal
bill. Here's how you can help.

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Your donation will support our efforts to develop Northcross responsibly. You can donate online safely and easily. You can setup a recurring donation plan so you can manage your budget. And, of course, we'll take checks, cash, and all legal tender. Visit our donation page to learn more.


RG4N Fundraising Initiiative Alumnimun Can Recycling

It’s simple. It’s sustainable. It can be fun. Here’s how it would work:
Start collecting your cans today! Instead of throwing cans in the trash or in the city recycling bins, we ask that you crush the cans and save them in a sturdy plastic bag. We will collect the cans once per month.

To volunteer, contact:
Chris Layden
YES WE CAN! Project Coordinator
chrislaydentexas [at] yahoo [dot] com
512-371-9128 home
512-736-1570 cell

Kat Correa
Fundraising Committee Chair
fundraising [at] rg4n [dot] org

Donate to the RG4N eBay Store

Check it out:

eBay is The World's Online Marketplace. You can buy or sell just about anything on eBay. Your junk may be someone else's treasure, so let RG4N help you sell something and give the proceeds to RG4N. Or we can sell items on consignment, and we'll get a percentage.

Please donate items in very good or excellent condition that can be easily shipped. Popular eBay items include collectibles and memorabilia, designer brands, popular brands, CDs, DVDs, computer software, games, furniture, electronics in excellent condition, toys, holiday items, and interesting art items.

Got something to donate? Email us: eBay [at] rg4n [dot] org

Got Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions about RG4N fundraising efforts please let us know at: fundraising [at] rg4n [dot] org

Thank you. We appreciate your support.